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It’s Time for Bullseye Towing to Take Charge!

What is a Private Property Impound (PPI)?

We Remove Abandoned/Junk Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are a vulgar image on your property. In central Indiana, Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, & Cicero, the townships are all improving their community standards. Bullseye Towing makes this process seamless and efficient for property owners and managers.

Abandoned Car Removal

This photo best depicts an average scenario Bullseye Towing assists with in a residential setting. Say this vehicle is in your driveway, a forgotten project maybe, and your HOA is updatig the community standards. This is something we can help with. 

example of abandoned vehicle

New to me Property

A newly acquired property sometimes comes with abandoned vehicles. Bullseye Towing is the best option in Hamilton County Indiana to legally remove vehicles at no cost to the property owner. If you are selling your property, and vehicles are left behind with title issues, this process may work for you as well.

example of Bullseye Towing removing an abandoned vehicle

Bullseye Towing PPI Forms

Trend Setting Tracking Process Of Impounds

We've innovated the tracking processes with impounded vehicles. Hamilton County Indiana is a rapidly growing community that demands the best services. Many residents choose apartment living where our services are needed most. 

Private Property Impound Form

Private Property Impound Form

This form is meant for Property owners or managers. This allows Bullseye Towing to remove vehicles with authorized consent at any given point from the date signed after. This for helps keep record of which employees are authorized to remove a vehicle along with Bullseye keeping track of updating agreement holders of the new legislature that we are following. 

This form can be sent back to our email at

Send your Property map with your New PPI Form

With a map of your property, we can know where to hang our signs or edit your choices with your approval so that our team can get your property properly marked as per state legislation. These signs allow for the immediate removal of vehicles from Business locations in accordance to IC 9-22-1..19. 

Private Property Impound Sign
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