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Private Property Impound Form


Terms & Conditions


When Bullseye Towing has towed a vehicle, it is under the premise of the owner or authorized representative has requested a tow. This may be Insurance, Police, Repair Shops, Owners, or Property Managers. All vehicles towed by Bullseye Towing are assumed to be in towing condition. Any and all attachments not secured by owner prior to tow are subject to owner repair costs, and do not fall under Bullseye Towing's responsibility. When Calling for a tow, the presumed GOA fee due upon truck engaging in an enroute status is owed at that point in time. It is the customer's responsibility to disengage the enroute status with a phone call to the dispatch line. When towing an altered vehicle, it is the owner's responsibility to remove all parts that would potentially get damaged in the events of loading and unloading. All areas surrounding a requested tow are expected to be cleaned and clear of other vehicles and obstacles, it is not the responsibility of Bullseye Towing to remove obstacles. This may result in a GOA fee due and a rescheduled tow appointment until items have been cleared.

When towing a vehicle for Impoundment or in an inoperable condition without reasonable access, the owner waives responsibility to damage claims for Bullseye Towing. Certain circumstances do not permit the safest towing practices for a vehicle recovery in regards to the towed vehicle, as human lives are more important than tangible assets. Bullseye Towing prioritizes the safety of our operators and equipment over the procurement of your already damaged vehicle.

Privacy Policy


Any and all videos or photos taken and used by Bullseye Towing are blurred, edited, and altered to sustain a level of anonymity for customers and their vehicles. We reserve the right to use footage of vehicles we tow for promotion and visual aid for explaining what we do and how we do it. If there are any suggestions or editing issues, please advise concerns to with your contact information along with the attached submission and what issues you are concerned with. Any and all edited material with use of audio or visual edits, Bullseye does not claim to own. We utilize stock footage and available permitted footage for promotional use. There is no direct correlation between certain items of use and promotional sales, as the collection in total result in a package image that Bullseye Towing uses to maintain a level for content sustainability.

Towing Laws

The List Of Legislature You Need To Refer To When Your Vehicle Has Been Impounded.

IC 9-22-1-11
IC 9-22-1-7
IC 9-22-1-5
IC 9-22-1-4
IC 9-22-1-8
IC 9-22-1-23
IC 9-22-1-17
IC 9-22-1-16
IC 9-22-1-15
IC 9-22-1-21.5
IC 9-22-1-19
IC 9-2-6-2 pt1
IC 9-2-6-2 pt2
IC 9-2-6-2 pt3
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