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Bullseye Liens' Office

Mechanic's Lien 

A Complicated Process Made Simple.

Image of Application or certificate of title Indiana pt4
Image of IN form 23104 Mechanics lien bill of sale

Filing a Mechanic's Lien by yourself can be a hassle. With Bullseye Liens, you can put your mind at ease. Once onboarded, you only have to send us the Vin, price of serviceable goods, and your storage or labor costs. After we have this information, we keep you updated in the step-by-step process. Payments for each step are made easy with an account set up so you do not have to delay the process with small charges here and there. We understand that sometimes, vehicles get picked up by interested parties prior to sale date, and that is why we save you money before you spend it. Apply today so that we may make your life easier.

Bullseye Liens Will File Your Liens Automatically

image of abandoned vehicle checklist for mechanic's lien when vehicle is valued over $3500

Junk Lien

A Simple Process, Easily Tracked.

image of certificate of authority checklist
image of abandoned vehicle mechanic's lien checklist for vehciles under $3500 in value

Bullseye Liens understands that some vehicles are just not worth putting another penny in them than necessary. Keeping this in mind, we also file Junk Liens for you. With a Junk Lien, you are able to salvage parts off of the vehicle or scrap them as needed. This process can be tracked and sent to NMVDIS for your ease of mind in a one stop shop. Apply today so that we may make your life easier.

Duplicate Title

For when you have lost your title to your vehicle.

Applicaiton for certificate of title Indiana pt5
INBMV request for duplicate title necessities

With everything to keep track of today, sometimes, titles get lost. Bullseye Liens has a quick and easy step-by-step procedure to go about getting a duplicate title for vehicle processing for private individuals. You do not have to have an application submitted with Bullseye Liens to use this service, though it may be of use to subscribe to our newsletters for useful tips in organizing your vehicle records. When Bullseye Liens help you with your title work, we recommend you use Bullseye Towing for your vehicle processing needs. Call today to let us quote your vehicle for sale.

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