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Bullseye Towing

Towing Service Solutions

Affordable 24/7 Towing in Hamilton County, Indiana.


To make the processing of cars easier.

Bullseye Towing is more than just a towing company. From Private property impounds to automotive sales, we handle all of the steps in between. Since 2019, Bullseye Towing has been a family operated business that will grow into an enterprise leading the industry in many areas. Each department of our company has a vast knowledge of what we do and how to help you.

Bullseye Towing Office

Our Services

Fully Autonomous, Uncompromisingly Sustainable

Towing & Recovery

75 Mile

Coverage Range

3 Hour

Maximum ETA

We tow anything light and medium duty here at Bullseye Towing. We also can move most small barns, sheds, and equipment under 10klbs in weight. Impounds, accidents, and regular breakdowns trouble many people, and we are here to help! Bullseye Towing specializes in classic cars. We are able to treat your car with the most care and a guarantee to pay attention where other companies may not. With years of experience, Bullseye is your best choice. Call us today for a quote on a tow so that we may better assist you. 

Private Property Impounds & Towing


Agreements servicing

Private Property Impounds(PPI) are a quick and easy way to clear your property of ill wanted vehicles and equipment. Working with Bullseye Towing can make life easier for property managers. We tow on request only, meaning that we are not going to be a predatory company much like other companies that do these services. Call today for a team member to help you with the on-boarding process. It is a 5 minute process from start to finish, including electronic copies of each tow and an agreement emailed to you for internal storage.

Learn About Our Legal Department

Mechanic's Liens & Title Work


Liens Completed

60 Days

Lien Packet Completion Return

Mechanic's Liens are an integral part in the success of any automotive facility. From dealerships to tow yards, any mechanical servicing where customers or other authoritative figures authorize your services on a vehicle means a subjection for Mechanic's liens to apply for you. We at Bullseye Liens handle this process in a swift and easy fashion essentially automating every step for you. With hiring any other company or doing it yourself, you run the risk for typos or issues with entity clarification, with Bullseye Liens, you have nothing to worry about. 

Mechanic's Lien image for application of title Indiana

WHY Bullseye

Bullseye Towing Specializes in Private Property Impounds. We also Specialize in Classic Car Towing.

Using the industry leading technology, we are able to assist you in the most immediate fashion. From towing sheds, to towing classic cars, Bullseye can use our technology to improve your situation. Learn about the products we use and why we choose to partner with the companies we do.

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YoutTube @bullseyetowing

Company Description

Bullseye in Numbers

Bullseye Towing is an affordable 24/7 towing company. Bullseye specializes in private property impounds, classic car transporting, and professional towing services. When your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road, Bullseye is the company to call for a quick response.


Tows completed


Liens completed


Private Property Impound Agreements


Business to business partners

Our Industry Partners

Bullseye Towing chooses to work with these companies for their outstanding and ongoing services to Bullseye Towing. We wanted to recognize them as much as they recognize us. Bullseye Towing has contracts with each of these companies to do industry specific business. Ask us how to become a listed company!

Bullseye Towing recommended company 3 Indylaptops
Bullseye Towing company 1 Hollywood's Collision
Bullseye Towing recommended company 2 Duncan Metal
Bullseye Towing recommended company 1 Hollywood's Collision
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